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  • KAL Tire

    Larrivée Guitars
    A true craftsman, Jean Larrivée was ignoring his strengths and using standard musician endorsement ads. These ads focused on what made his handcrafted instruments different.

    Mandel for Mayor
    Stephen Mandel ran for Mayor of Edmonton in 2004. He won.

    Save-on Foods

  • The Bay
    When The Bay purchased Woodward’s stores, people groused about losing a piece of western Canadian heritage. These full page newspaper ads helped remind them that before there was even a Canada, there was The Bay. In each market, ‘Our History’ ran first, followed by the city-specific ad.

    Town & Country Fireplace

    Urban Links

    Greyhound Air
    What did a bus company know about running an airline? Unfortunately, not enough.

  • Bare Wetsuit

    Yes, Vancouver has its own QR code company. And luddite Ian worked on its launch. Go figure.

    Mr Mikes